shon carrasco

CEO & Co-FOUNDER/Digital marketer

Shon has a background in operations management, visual arts, cinematography, marketing and advertising. Combining all of those elements affords him the opportunity to grow our client's through strategic marketing & advertising plans. There are a few things in life that drive Shon; his wife & son, his family, helping others, and success. Each and every business owner is driven by one, or all of those forces. His motivating factor is ensuring our clients success so they can spend time with the things and people that matter most.


leslie kintanar

business manager and Co-FOUNDER

Leslie has over ten years experience in HR, payroll, employee audits, company policies, and financials, as well as over six years in producing video/photo shoots, music videos and events. When she isn’t chasing her toddler she is a modern scribe, typography junkie, curator of swell finds, live music lover and new food finder.

Leslie Carrasco_Business Manager

varnica singh

social media manager

Varnica has a background in television production, copy writing, journalism, public relations, social media and online content writing. Her multi-tasking abilities gives our clients an edge over their competitors. Her expertise in all these areas make her a unique professional. She is driven by her creativity and attentiveness to minute details. She is ready to take any challenge and deliver results. When she is not working, she loves playing with her daughter. Varnica loves exploring new places and shopping from across the World!