Powerful Data Collection

Toggle on and off the data you want to collect. Gather phone numbers for your next SMS campaign, emails for retargeting, gather Birthday data for birthday club, or promote special events and services. Even create your own custom data collection fields!



Deployment & Management of Multiple Access Points

Our system simplifies the management process by providing a dashboard for you to take action. 100% cloud managed. If you have 1, or 10 locations, deployment and monitoring of each location is easily managed.



Timed Marketing Messages

Create it, set it and forget it - automate marketing campaigns. Timed marketing messages that are proven to bring customers back, add additional revenue, and grow your business.

  • Email Marketing

  • Text/Picture Messaging

  • Constant Contact

  • AWeber

  • Mailchimp

  • Webhooks and more!

  • ____________________

    Triggers when guests connect to your WiFI network (welcome messages).

    Triggers when guests disconnect from your WiFI network (reviews).

    Triggers when guests haven't been seen in a number of days (retention).

    Triggers when it's a guests birthday (loyalty & group marketing).


    Send to specific guests based on visits, time spent, and demographics.

    Delay your actions for a specific 



Facebook™️ Sync
Create fully branded splash pages from your Facebook™️ Business Page.

Ad Retargeting
You can sync Guest WiFI users with your Facebook™️ Audience retargeting lists

Custom SSID (WiFI Network Name)
Create a custom WiFi network name and make it easy for your clients to find your network. Include emojis in the network name if you like! 🎉🙌

Smart Redirect
You can redirect WiFI Guests to any URL, Messenger bot, WhatsApp or App Store.

Paid Access
Offer Guest WiFi the choice of hybrid social-paid WiFI and generate more revenue.

Login Options
Integrate your own social login apps, SMS opt-in, custom forms, and more.

Reconnect Instantly
Returning Guests receive a "Welcome Back" message to instantly reconnect.