CEO & Co-FOUNDER/Digital marketer

Shon has a background in operations management, visual arts, cinematography, marketing and advertising. Combining all of those elements affords him the opportunity to grow KreativeVue’s client's through strategic marketing & advertising plans. There are a few things in life that drive Shon; his wife & son, his family, helping others, and success. Each and every business owner is driven by one, or all of those forces. His motivating factor is ensuring our clients success so they can spend time with the things and people that matter most.

Leslie Carrasco_Business Manager


business manager and Co-FOUNDER

Leslie has over ten years experience in HR, payroll, employee audits, company policies, and financials, as well as over six years in producing video/photo shoots, music videos and events. When she isn’t chasing her toddler she is looking for the next best food adventure, practicing calligraphy, and reading anything and everything.



Project manager/social media director

Charlotte has six years of experience managing the digital presence of globally-recognized companies. Her work is a professional balancing act, entertaining and educating followers in a way that leads to brand trust and engagement. A wordsmith by nature, she enjoys writing, classic literature, and Scrabble games with her father.



social media coordinator

Dana has over ten years experience maintaining an robust online presence across a variety of platforms. A digital native, she is nuanced in generating organic and paid content that appeals to a global audience. When she is offline, she enjoys live music and caring for animals.



digital marketing manager

Sam has over 10 years under her belt with bringing success to several businesses. She has extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing, SEO, as well as eCommerce. 

Sam has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves working with businesses that she can help grow.